Re-Treat Yourself in Tulum, Mexico

Do you dream of going on a retreat? I know I do! How often do you actually give back to yourself for all your hard work and commitments? I think we all deserve to treat ourselves. I'm excited to splurge a little and take time for some much needed rest, renewal, and refocusing. Tulum sounds like the exotic low-key escape that I've been dreaming of. It is described that in Tulum, luxury and earthiness coexist, but the coin of the realm is spirituality. What a perfect paradise for a yoga retreat!

This beautiful village on the south end of the Riviera Maya enjoys a deep-rooted history in the important culture of the ancient Mayan people. It is said that the best time to travel to Tulum is in the spring, so Purple Yoga's retreat in April is going to bring us there with warm weather during the day and a cool breeze at night. I've already begun looking at excursions and various activities in Tulum. The LabnaHa Cenotes and Eco Park are voted among the top must-sees. The cenotes are natural sinkholes that were sometimes used by ancient Maya for sacrificial offerings. These cenotes were believed by the ancient Mayan to be the entrance to the underworld. Today, it has some of the best snorkeling, an underground river, cave exploration, and diving. For an extra flare, zip-lining is offered. Great news is that it's also not super touristy, and it's only 10 miles from where we are staying at Shambala Petit Hotel.

As I've been dreaming of all the possibilities for this adventure, I'm most excited about the lasting relationships that are always created on retreats. Spending six days in paradise, exploring the natural wonders of Tulum, and sharing the simplest of pleasures with a group, provides the perfect platform to lifetime friendships. It is an honor to co-lead the Tulum retreat with my good friend, Alex Roberts! To register, click here: Sign me up for Tulum!