Athlete Flow: Recovery

This Saturday in Long Beach, I will be hosting Athlete Therapy Flow along with Dr. Grasmeyer. We listed 10 injuries in the workshop description (found here) and hope to provide insight to managing through yoga. Tomorrow, I will reach out to the students who have currently signed up and inquire about which items connect with them. This will provide Dr. Grasmeyer and me an overview of the class make-up. Class will begin with introductions and a 30-40 minute warm-up practice. Next, we will provide an open forum for participants to join discussions, demonstrations and practice. The following questions are ones I'm looking forward into answering in my workshop:

  • How do I modify my yoga poses in class with my current injuries?
  • Are there yoga poses that aggravate or assist my current injuries?

Although this workshop is quite different from my previous Cello Series, I hope to once again connect and be of service.