Hatha For Hunger

As the month of November is known for giving thanks, it can also be the time to re-adjust our attitude for more gratitude, and to recognize what is abundant in our lives to have empathy towards those who have nothing. On November 23, we will be hosting 'Hatha For Hunger'--a yoga charity event to raise awareness and donations for 'No Kid Hungry', a nationwide organization driven to help fight childhood hunger in the United States. As many as 16 million children (that's 1 out of 5 kids) struggle with undernourishment and inaccessibility to healthy meals, which in turn, affects their overall academic performance and growth into healthy, happy adults. This event will present a showcase of yoga classes throughout the day, with a variety of yin (restorative) and power flow classes to suit all of our participants' needs. In addition, there will be a live concert spun by DJ Tory for those seeking to enjoy an aural experience, with food/beverages available for purchase. Ready to give back? Click here to register: I want to help fight childhood hunger! With your participation and contributions, we can help our future generations reach their full potential. Through one yoga breath at a time, we can combine and share our strength to those in most need.