Live Cello Flow by Cidney Shidoni Corpuz

Many years ago, I was invited to practice yoga with live music present. The instrument was a cello. During practice, I found my eyes tearing up while in half-pigeon pose. The feeling was new and unexpected, I quickly disengaged and shot the cellist a hollow look. After class, I made a decision to not go through personal practice with live music present. It was too much emotion... Since then, my personal practice has grown as well as my teaching. Many moments of reflection have come and I found myself more open to emotional releases. Through all that, I stayed firm with the decision of no live music. Then it all changed. Last month, a friend invited me to attend the 108 Sun Salutations event hosted by Scott, Alex, and Ace. They would take turns playing drums, while the DJ's mixed in music. It was truly an inspiring experience. The next day, I had a conversation with Purple Yoga's founder, Joe Vogt. I asked him to consider another event. This time, the flow would be lead by myself and accompanied by Erin Esses, a professional cellist. On the last weekend of July and on the first Saturday of August, I'll be hosting a "Live Cello Flow: Symphony Shidoni". Whether you are hunting for power, length, recovery, or just to heal, this will be an unforgettable experience. All are welcome; a tremendous community through individual practice.