Joe Vogt

Founder & Director

Yogi, Father & Entrepreneur. I was born and raised in Minnesota, just a regular meat and potatoes kid playing a variety of team and individual sports, many of which I still play today. I've always enjoyed the competitive nature of sports but today I find more joy in not so much competing against others, but to be one's own opponent. That's the spirit of competition we teach here; it is my belief that if you try hard at yoga and your other worldly pursuits you will enjoy life. I have been practicing Yoga since 1996, teaching since 2003 and opened my first Southern California School in 2005. RYT with yoga alliance, trained with Ganga White at the White Lotus Foundation in 2008, Bikram in 2003 as well as numerous workshops with Dharma Mittra, David Swenson, and Johnny Kest. My greatest teacher comes from within, practice, practice, practice.