Mary (RYT-200) began practicing Yoga in 2011, after 2 years of being a stay at home Mom.  She loved being home with her daughter Teagan, but was in search of something that could help her be calmer and more at peace while doing so.  She loved it so much that she never looked back! It offered her so much peace, that she didn’t even notice the total body transformation that was going on as well.  Not only was she able to lose all her baby weight, she had never felt so grounded. She started practicing 6 days a week and absorbed every drop of knowledge she could from all of the best teachers at the studio.  What she loved the most was the calmness she could find while being in a really fun arm balance and the exhilaration she felt while laying in Savasana. Mary had practiced for 6 months before she became pregnant with her 2nd child; she was thrilled to be able to have such an amazing outlet to help her along the way, but with a growing belly came a growing practice of patience.  She had to learn her body again, as well as the asanas (physical practice) of Yoga with each inch she grew. She found that her breath helped her through her toughest days on her mat, which helped her through her labor in the end.  She waited 5 weeks after her son Cillian was born to be back on the mat! She was so excited; she didn’t realize she would have to relearn all of it again with out her expanded belly (and bones). It allowed her to see Yoga for what it is, it really is for every BODY, no matter what vessel you are in, it CAN work for you.   She knew she loved it so much that she would one day share that passion and knowledge with anyone she could, she knew becoming a teacher was a must. After waiting through her pregnancy and for her son to be old enough, in fall of 2013 she completed teacher training through CorePower in Huntington Beach and has been teaching Power Vinyasa yoga ever since.  

Mary loves the physical side of the practice, but also the spiritual side.  She sees the whole mind, body, spirit connection that practicing gives her and that is what she hopes to impart on her students through out her class.  She looks to give an overall experience, through a fun, dynamic, challenging (yet accessible to all) class, including music, aromatherapy (your choice to have or not), adjusting and, an awesome Savasana massage.  She hopes to touch a piece of someone’s soul each time she teaches and hopes that she can also brighten someone’s day in the meantime.

When Mary isn’t teaching in the studio, you can find her on YouTube! You can catch various class lengths with her on O’M Yoga w/Mary O’Meara to boost your home practice!