Purple Mantra Challenge is back in May!

Purple Mantra is our challenge to promote a healthy lifestyle by developing healthy habits. And we're giving you an incentive to do so. Starting May 1st, purchase a *Mantra Pass and potentially earn and lock in a discounted Autopay rate  by taking classes on at least 20 days during the month of May. Receive credit for coming each day by collecting a "stamp" from the front desk onto your Mantra card. Also, potentially earn a free Unlimited Month to gift away to a friend (new member) during the month of June by opting to complete our 4 simple task on Instagram. Once the challenge(s) is completed, please turn in your Mantra pass to the front desk for verification.

*Mantra Pass (Mantra Pass or Mantra Plus)

A Mantra Pass is a discounted Unlimited Month membership for the month of May.

A Mantra Pass for either Yoga or Pedal is $105 (regular $185). 

A Mantra Plus Pass (Yoga + Pedal) is $155 (regular $245).

Discounted Autopay Rate

Once the challenge is completed and verified, the new Autopay Rate shall be equivalent to the value of the Mantra Pass purchased. In other words, members get the chance to earn a new rate of either $105 or $155 for their new Autopay Rate, as opposed to continually spending $125 or $185.

Autopay Members

Depending on the type of Autopay Membership you have, you may automatically get a Mantra Pass for free, or just pay the difference between a Mantra Pass and your regular autopay monthly payment. 

1 x Autopay Members (pay regularly $50 a month)

  • Mantra Pass:  $55  ($105-$50)
  • Mantra Plus Pass:  $105 ($155-50)

2 x Autopay Members (pay regularly $95 a month)

  • Mantra Pass: $10  ($105-$95)
  • Mantra Plus Pass: $60  ($155-$95)

Yoga Only Autopay Members

  • Mantra Pass: FREE
  • Mantra Plus Pass: $50  ($155-105)

Pedal Only Autopay Members

  • Mantra Pass: FREE
  • Mantra Plus Pass: $50  ($155-105)

*Autopay Plus Members (Yoga + Pedal) 

  • Mantra Pass/Plus: FREE

Optional Instagram Task

Those with a Purple Mantra or Mantra Plus pass have the option of completing 4 task on Instagram in order to earn the privilege of gifting an Unlimited Month (during the month of June) to a new member friend. The task shall be to create 4 separate post on Instagram during May with certain themes behind them. The themes are #purplehiker, #purplerecipes, #purplestory and #purplefamily.

  • #Purplehiker - We encourage you to go outside and take advantage of Southern California's wonderful weather. Go to a local park, state park or national park and experience the great outdoors. Whether you go on the Fullerton Loop Trail, stroll along Bluff Park, stargaze at Anza Borrego or experience Half Dome, go anywhere you want, as long as you're outside and enjoying nature. Be sure to use #purplehiker to share and recommend a good spot to go to! 


  • #Purplerecipes - Share a recipe with the community! Get your inner chef on, recommend a good salad or maybe show us how you indulge. Be sure to use #purplereipes to share and recommend a good recipe!


  • #Purplestory - Share with us a story that shows your relationship/connection with Purple. It could be anything ranging from how you found Purple, what or who inspires you about the community, or even who your favorite instructor is. Be sure to use #purplestory to inspire the community!


  • #Purplefamily - Pay it forward! Tag a friend who you'd like to give an unlimited month to! Tell us who this person is and why you want to give them a free unlimited month! 

Each post MUST tag either @Purple_Yoga or @Purple_Pedal in the post, as well as use #PurpleMantra along with each separate themed hashtag. The 20 day challenge must be completed along with completion of all 4 Instagram task by the end of May in order to be deemed fulfilled. The free unlimited Month will be awarded and honored during the month of June. So it shall be in the best interest of the person receiving the unlimited month to come in as early as possible to redeem their gift. 

Additional Rules & Information

  • stamps can be earned from May 1st to May 31st only
  • last day to join, May 12th (no days off to complete challenge)
  • CANNOT earn stamps retroactively
  • can only earn 1 stamp per day
  • stamp card must be redeemed at front desk- please do not lose this card!
  • tag your #yogachallenge, #pedalchallenge or #purplemantra journey on Instagram to connect with the community!
  • Members may opt into completing "Instagram Task" 
  • *Completed Instagram tasks earns a free month unlimited to be given to a new member,  comparable to Purple Mantra challenged completed 
  • *new member = not visited a Purple studio within 6 months
  • Follow us @purple_yoga and @purple_pedal for more details or visit our website at www.purpleyoga.org

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I completed the Mantra challenge last year, and already have a discounted rate. Can I still participate and do the social media task for my friend?
    • Absolutely. In fact, remember depending on what you're autopay rate is, you could just get a Mantra Pass for free! However, you must complete the 20 day challenge as well as complete the 4 Instagram task in order for your new member friend to receive the free month of June
  • I don't want to do the 20 day challenge, but I want to post and do the 4 instagram task for my friend. Can I?
    • Sorry, again you must have completed the 20 day challenge as well
  • Do I have to use Instagram?
    • Instagram is preferred, however we will make an exception for Facebook.  Please make sure you fill out the Mantra card with the dates you completed the task, and be prepared to show your post to the front desk for verification.
  • I deleted my post, will you still honor? 
    • Please do not delete your post. We must somehow verify that you completed the task, and we won't be able to do so if you exterminate any evidence that you completed a task. Apologies in advance.
  • I am an Autopay member for Yoga only, but I like the idea of upgrading to unlimited Yoga and Pedal membership for $155. Can I upgrade?
    • Absolutely