It's a Purple Summer on Instagram! 

Purple Fam! We’re encouraging you and some friends to get outside and enjoy the wonderful weather of Summer. From June 14th until September 22nd, do any one of these four post on instagram and get a *free class! If we repost your image, then you get a $20 gift card! Go outside, get creative and have fun!






Rules for Each Post

  • *Only the person that did the POST gets a free class
  • *If an unlimited Autopay member, then a free guest pass will be given
  • If we repost, then you get a free $20 gift card
  • Must ALSO include  #purplefam(with a purple heart emoji) #purpleyoga or #purplepedal
  • Must TAG @Purple_Yoga or @Purple_Pedal
  • Limit ONE free class per themed post


  • May I combine post? Meaning, I go out on a hike, with a friend...doing acroyoga, while on a bicycle, eating some food?
    • Wow, although impressive...that could potentially be dangerous. For your own sake, sanity and safety...NO

How to Redeem

Simply go to the front desk. Show the person at the front desk your post. They will check to make sure the correct tags, and hashtags are there. They will then either credit you a free class or give you a guest pass to give away.