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May Mantra Challenge is back in May!

Purple May Mantra is our challenge to promote a healthy lifestyle by developing healthy habits. And we're giving you an incentive to do so. Purchase a Mantra Pass and enjoy a month of unlimited fitness while potentially earning and locking in a discounted Autopay rate  by taking classes on at least 20 days during the month of May. Receive credit for coming each day by collecting a "stamp" from the front desk onto your Mantra card. Also, all people who purchase/receive a Mantra Pass this year will also get a Mantra Intro Pass to give to a Mantra Buddy because everything is more fun when you’re with a friend!

Mantra Pass & Mantra Intro Pass

  • A Mantra Pass is a discounted Unlimited Month membership for the month of May.

    • A Mantra Pass is just $115 (regular $185). 

  • A Mantra Intro Pass is a 2 week introductory pass that is similar to our standard introductory package, except it is only available for the month of May. All members who purchase or receive a Mantra Pass shall be given a Mantra Intro Pass to give to a friend, their Mantra Buddy.

    • Mantra Intro Passes are only available to *New Members

    • Mantra Intro Passes can only be redeemed during the month of May.

    • Mantra Intro Passes may be upgraded to a Mantra Pass

*New Member = someone who has not taken a class at a Purple studio in the past 6 months.

The 20 Day Challenge

Discounted Autopay Rate

Collect 20 stamps and the challenge is completed. Once the challenge is completed and verified, the new Autopay Rate shall be equivalent to the value of the Mantra Pass purchased. In other words, members get the chance to earn a new rate of either $115 for their new Autopay Rate, as opposed to continually spending $125.This new autopay rate will last unless you cancel your Autopay contract.

Upgrades Available

Autopay Members

Depending on the type of Autopay Membership you have, you may automatically get a Mantra Pass for free, or just pay the difference between a Mantra Pass and your regular autopay monthly payment. Below is a breakdown of how much it will cost to upgrade, depending on the membership level.

Mantra Intro Pass (reviewed Mantra Intro pass for free from person with a Mantra Pass)

  • In order to upgrade to a Mantra Pass, just pay only $86

Blue Autopay Members (pay regularly $50 a month)

  • Mantra Pass: $65 ($115-$50)

Red Autopay Members (pay regularly $95 a month)

  • Mantra Pass: $20 ($115-$95)

Purple Autopay Members (pay regularly $125 a month)

  • Mantra Pass: FREE

Purple Plus Members (pay regularly $185) 

  • Mantra Pass/Plus: FREE

Additional Rules & Information

  • stamps can be earned from May 1st to May 31st only

  • last day to join, May 12th (no days off to complete challenge)

  • CANNOT earn stamps retroactively

  • can only earn 1 stamp per day

  • stamp card must be redeemed at front desk- please do not lose this card!

  • tag your #yogachallenge, #pedalchallenge or #purplemantra journey on Instagram to connect with the community!

  • *new member = not visited a Purple studio within 6 months

  • Follow us @purple_yoga and @purple_pedal for more details or visit our website at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I completed the Mantra challenge last year, and already have a discounted rate. Can I still get a Mantra Card and a Mantra Intro Pass to give to a friend?

    • Absolutely. Everything is better with a friend. Our best suggestion is go find a friend who hasn’t been to the studio within the past 6 months. Give them the Mantra Intro Pass. And if that friend wants to upgrade to a full on Mantra Card for only $86, then you’ve got yourself a fitness buddy for a whole month.

  • I want to redeem the Mantra Intro Pass but it says it is only good for May. What if I redeem the card on May 30th, can I still get 2 weeks for free?

    • Yes, as long as you redeem it during the Month of May. However, anything after May you will not be able to.

  • I want to complete the challenge so I can earn a lower unlimited Autopay rate. But I have to go away for a few months and cancel my autopay contract. Can I still keep my discounted autopay rate?

    • Sorry, once you cancel your autopay contract, then you lose your lower rate.