“Do or do not, there is no try”


Top graduates from our Teacher Training programs will be selected to be part of our Purple Protege program. The program is designed for the protege to be mentored by an instructor to develop and hone their skills by teaching an actual class at Purple. Our Proteges will have four classes (one a week) to hone their skills as a teacher in front of a real audience.

Our Yoga Proteges will be teaching a Blue 60. For Pedal, our Proteges will be teaching a regular 45 minute class. *Any class taught by a Protege will only be a drop in rate of $5. During the Protege’s four classes, the protege will receive publicity from Purple via our social media channels and newsletters. At the conclusion of the Protege’s four weeks, they will then audition to determine whether they will make it on the roster as a Purple instructor.

*Check the schedule frequently as these classes will change often.