Thank you for your interest in Purple’s Teacher Training Program. Aspiring teachers and serious students will benefit from Purple’s Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training program. It’s a comprehensive 200-hour course meant for aspiring teachers and serious students looking to deepen their practice. No pre-requisites, open to everyone.


January 24th- April 14th (Purple Yoga Long Beach & Fullerton)

Orientation: Thursday January 24th 6:45 PM- 9:45PM (Fullerton)

Saturday’s 11:45 AM - 6:45 PM (Long Beach)

Sundays 11:45 AM - 6:45 PM (Fullerton)

Info Session Dates

January 19th at 3:30pm (Purple Yoga Fullerton)

January 20th at 4:45pm (Purple Yoga Long Beach)


Kim and Siri come on the podcast for an in depth discussion on what people can expect from Purple's 200 hour teacher training program. Discussed are the topics, ranging from Asana's, philosophy, Ayurveda, chakras to the Business & Ethics of Yoga.  They then dive a little deeper about the teacher training program...can one decision really change the trajectory of their life and can this journey really help you learn more about yourself and connect you, with others? 

Tune into this episode of the Purple Podcast to get all your questions answered regarding Purple Yoga's 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program.

Tuition & Registration

2018 Tuition: $2,800

Program Tuition Includes:

  • 2-4 Months of Unlimited Yoga. Unlimited classes start as soon as client pays tuition in full thru April 14, 2019.

  • Course binder and class materials

  • Certificate of completion

  • Required reading book list

  • $325 non-refundable deposit required for registration

  • Payment plan available. To inquire, please contact our Director Joe at

Questions? email us

Required Reading

  • Yoga Beyond Belief, by Ganga White

  • Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice Manual, by David Swenson

  • Light on Yoga, by B.K.S. Iyengar

  • The 3-Season Diet, by John Doiullard

  • Anatomy of Movement, by Blandine Calais-Germain

  • Freedom From the Known, by J. Krishnamurti

(All required reading is included in cost of tuition)

Curriculum & Format

  • Study of yoga history and philosophy

  • Theory and practice of asana

  • Pramayama — Yogic Breathing

  • The Art of Teaching

  • Nutrition and Diet

  • Business of Yoga

Purple’s year course will meet every Thursdays 6:45 - 9:45PM and Saturdays 11;45AM - 6:45PM at different Purple Yoga locations. The first 10 weeks at Purple Yoga Long Beach. The second 10 weeks at Purple Yoga Fullerton.