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Sara ketzel

Sara Ketzel is a health and fitness enthusiast. Sara became a spin lover after her first pedal stroke. When she’s got her feet on the pedals, her head is in the clouds. She thrives to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle and lives to make a positive impact. She’s been a certified instructor since 2016 and started teaching in October, 2017. Sara’s passion for spin will no doubt leave you wanting more. She will never fail to encourage you to be the best you can be and motivate you to push your limits. Sara’s bubbly energy is contagious. Her classes will always be a party on the bike so get ready to drop, tap, and push. Her heart pounding beats will push you to limits you never thought were possible. She aims on combining mental discipline with physical strength. Let your emotions and sweat pour out and don’t be scared to lose yourself when the beat drops. Crush your goals, unlock your potential, and be unstoppable. With Sara, its impossible not to ride with a smile.