Ahh! the Equinox

On my jog this morning, the road ahead was dark and narrow until I turned the corner. Suddenly, the landscape became light and the horizon expansive. In a matter of seconds the images (and emotions that embodied them), came into balance.  The path that seemed sunless and restrictive suddenly appeared energetic and open much like the transition from the winter season to spring. With this experience, I thought: ahh!, the equinox. 

The spring equinox begins on March 20. It is celebrated as the first day of spring. At the nearby lagoon, I’ve certainly noticed the poppies popping orange amid morning fog and the ducks waddling wildly on dewdrops and grass. All of nature is revitalizing after a winter of less activity (including humans).

How will you renew and celebrate the change of seasons and simultaneously strike balance?

The Spring Equinox 2016 Celebration workshop will be held on Sunday, March 20 from 7:15 to 9:15 p.m. at Purple Yoga Long Beach with Kim Purdy and Bobby Wilson. For Kim and Bobby the Spring Equinox is a time for renewal and new beginnings, and brings in the season with a sense of balance.

“Having a structured asana practice that guides you through the theme of renewal, allows you to reset and refocus for this time of change,” Kim said.  

The two hour practice allows yogis to explore their personal practice at a time of change.

“It’s a chance to leave behind or build upon everything that happened the previous season, “ Bobby stated.

The asana sequence at the workshop centers around 108 Sun Salutations. The number 108 in yogi philosophy signifies balance. For example, equal parts masculine (sun) and feminine (moon). This concept relates to the equinox in a similar sense with the balance of equal day and night in both hemispheres. The flow includes traditional yoga poses, chants and meditations, which collectively make up the 108 Sun Salutations. It has been designed to remove obstacles and set intentions. Everyone is welcome regardless of fitness levels, meditation habits, and/or singing capabilities.

According to Bobby, “The 108 Sun Salutations are a great way to challenge yourself. It’s a great way to see how truly strong you are mentally and physically. It’s a great way to learn about and connect with yourself.”

The practice will offer many variations of salutations that will allow each practitioner to challenge or tone down their practice as needed.

Both Kim and Bobby bring a unique balance of instruction to the Spring Equinox 2016 Celebration as complements to each other. During the workshop Kim will facilitate the yin, the feminine and more nurturing sequences of the practice, and Bobby will instruct the yang, the masculine and more strength based poses of the practice.

“I believe that I am Bobby’s Yin to his Yang,” said Kim. “We will create a great balance for this evening of inviting in the spring.”

“I believe that I am Bobby’s Yin to his Yang,” said Kim. “We will create a great balance for this evening of inviting in the spring.”