Dust Off Your Daily Life and Dig Deep for Gratitude

On the mat, yogis easily practice gratitude. The traditional Namaste at the end of class thanks the teacher and even the practitioner by honoring the “yogi” in everyone. Gratitude off the mat sometimes presents a difficult challenge because life happens—disagreements with others, stress at work, and responsibilities to relationships and family are some of the challenges. The trouble is that when life challenges arise, it is harder to practice gratitude.

Interestingly, the physical practice of yoga and the practice of gratitude correspond. In the yogic scheme of things, the greatest use of gratitude is not only during asana practice, but is also the application of gratitude in the world. Similar to the physical practice of yoga, the practice of gratitude opens the heart, creates a sense of ease and grace, and a feeling of well being and beauty, and deep happiness.

For me, it has been a challenge to have a regular physical practice the last few years. Without a regular physical practice, the challenges of life have been even more taxing and tough. However, the practice of gratitude that I had developed from my physical practice has transformed my life in these times of need. I love this quote by Monique Minahan. She says, “Dig deep for gratitude and you will often find gold. It’s always right in front of us, but we can’t always see it through the dust of daily life that makes it look ordinary and unimportant” (“How to Cultivate Gratitude Through Yoga”). I need to nurture gratitude when life suddenly seems mundane. With the practice of gratitude, life suddenly seems sacred. I appreciate my middle school students, who are essentially egocentric and argumentative. I advocate for my daughter, who has Down syndrome, with effortlessness, and view my role as her parent as a blessing. I experience the enchantment of nature and am delighted by dragonflies. I also smile big, and with my eyes.

Are you ready to dust off your daily life and dig deep for gratitude?

Kim Purdy has come up with a 21 Day Challenge of Gratitude, which will help you perfect an attitude of gratitude on and off the mat. Beginning Sunday, Nov. 1, post an Instagram picture each day (day 1-21) that expresses your gratitude. (Tag @purdyyoga @purple_yoga and hashtag #YogaMeGratitude #PurdyYoga #PurpleYoga). There is a prize for the most consistent and creative gratitude guru.

The prize for the 21 Day Challenge of Gratitude is free admission to her Yoga Me Gratitude workshop at Purple Yoga in Long Beach on Sunday, Nov. 22 from 11:15 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. The workshop includes an opening circle, a discussion of gratitude, a themed yoga class and physical practice, and time for a Q & A. All levels are welcome.