Dropping in for a class is easy. Whether you come in once in a while or everyday, we've got the right membership for you.

Auto Pay is our most popular option--if you plan on coming at least one time each week, it's the best value. One time payment every month with no long term contract, only 2 business day (9 AM - 5 PM, M-F) written notice (via email) to cancel. Please read our Membership FAQ below and send all membership inquiries to membership@purpleyoga.org

Autopay Options:



      • Autopay ($125): Unlimited access to Yoga only or Pedal only.

        • Best option for those coming 3x+ a week. (3x week = $9.62/class)



      • Autopay 8x Monthly ($95): Eight monthly visits at Yoga OR Pedal.

        • $95/ 8 visits = $11.88/class

        • Wanna practice more? Drop in for a special Autopay Member only rate of $13/class (regular $20)


      • Autopay 4x Monthly($50): Four monthly visits at Yoga OR Pedal.

        • $50/ 4 visits = $12.50/class

        • Wanna practice more? Drop in for a special Autopay Member only rate of $13/class (regular $20)

Class Packs can be purchased (10 classes or 20 classes), which never expire. If you're looking for just a 30 day pass (month), we've got that too.  Clients purchase separate Yoga or Pedal class packs.

  • 10 Class Pack ($175): $17.50/class

  • 20 Class Pack ($285): $14.25/class

Community Classes are only $12--your favorite classes offered at a discounted rate. Offered multiple times every day, typically during off-peak times.

  • Community Autopay - Skip the lines and save some cash by committing to Community Autopay and automatically buying your next community class. With Community Autopay, pay only $11 per class per class by receiving a recurring payment of $11 that automatically reloads to your account once your community class is used.

    • ex: Client A signs up for Community Autopay and charged $11 for their next Community Class. Client A decides to take their next community class on Monday. Client A is then charged $11 on Monday for their next community class.

    • Note that this is different than a typical Autopay (blue, red, purple levels) membership, in that it does not automatically charge you based on time (once a month), but rather on usage (once the pack is completely used). These classes may only be used during Community Classes. Only 2 business day (9 AM - 5 PM, M-F) written notice (via email) to cancel the recurring payment. Please read our Membership FAQ below and send all membership inquiries to membership@purpleyoga.org.

Membership FAQs


Cancelling your Auto Pay?

  • Send a written notice to membership@purpleyoga.org (please list your full name & email address under your account). Cancellations take 2 business days to process.

  • All cancellations must be received at least 2 business days prior to billing day.

  • Cancellations are processed during business hours only (9 AM - 5 PM, M-F).

  • Clients may now terminate their autopay contract online, via their Mindbody account

    • To do so simply log into your account and follow these instructions

      1. Login

      2. click "My Info" tab

      3. click "Account" on the right side of the screen

      4. Find your Autopay contract, and select "terminate" (on the right)

      5. Confirm cancellation by selecting "ok" on the pop up prompt

    • Membership will officially be terminated on the day of the next billing cycle

  • Once your email cancellation is received and processed, you will receive an email confirmation.

Membership Discounts

  • Autopay members who have our Red or Blue level Autopay options can drop in for additional classes for only $13 (regular price $20)

  • Full time students (under 25), teachers, and military receive 15% off all class packages (must show proof or ID). This discount cannot be applied to Community Classes or Intro Package.

  • If you are currently on your Intro Package, your next membership purchase will be 20% off a class pack or your first Auto Pay Month (new member discount). This discount can only be applied to packages purchased within the 2-week Introductory period.

  • All discounts can be applied only in-studio and cannot be combined (discounts cannot be redeemed online).


  • As part of our company policy, we do not offer exchanges, transfers, or refunds for our memberships.

  • Health issues are exempt from our policy and require a scanned doctor's note sent to membership@purpleyoga.org.